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Principles of American Democracy


Principles of American Democracy


Aaron Pier

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Course Overview

   The Principles of American Democracy (PAD) course is designed to give the student a better understanding of the foundations of the American Federal Government, the manner in which the government developed once the US Constitution was adopted, the manner in which the government operates today, and the role of and the opportunities available to the American voter.

Course Outline

First Quarter:

Defining government; sources of US government; study of the Constitution and Federalism; political parties, and interest groups

Third Quarter:

Study of the Presidency and the executive branch; financing government; the civil service; intro to the Federal Court System

Second Quarter:

Study of elections and voting behavior; the role of the media; Congress

Fourth Quarter:

Civil liberties and civil rights – the role of the Courts in defining and guaranteeing these rights; special role of the US Supreme Court