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Environmental Science


Environmental Science


Tina Lizama

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Course Overview

   Environmental science comprises sustainability, stewardship, and sound science as it applies to the world around us.  Students will use real case studies, hands-on activities, and multimedia resources to explore the factors that affect our planet.  With the primary objective of understanding identifying, and analyzing environmental problems and their solutions, the course covers topics in geology, biology, chemistry, earth science, and physical science.  This course is offered to all freshmen students.

Course Outline

First Quarter:


1 An Introduction to Environmental Science

2 Economics and Environmental Policy

3 Earth’s Environmental Systems

4 Population Ecology

5 Evolution and Community Ecology

Third Quarter:


10 Urbanization

11 Forestry and Resource Management

12 Soil and Agriculture

13 Mineral Resources and Mining

14 Water Resources

Second Quarter:


6 Biomes and Aquatic Ecosystems

7 Biodiversity and Conservation

8 Human Population

9 Environmental Health

Fourth Quarter:


15 The Atmosphere

16 Global Climate Change

17 Nonrenewable Energy

18 Renewable Energy Alternatives

19 Waste Management