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Spanish 3


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Course Overview

    Spanish 3 is designed to teach students to expand their basic skill and knowledge learned in Spanish 1 and 2. Emphasis will be given to vocabulary development, listening, speaking, and writing skills in preparation for advanced work. This course also focuses on learning more about the Spanish culture. Students will be able to express themselves at a basic level in present, past, and future tenses. Additional emphasis will focus on reading comprehension, language structure, and the ability to speak fluently with the correct pronunciation.

Course Outline

First Quarter:

Chapter 1: Actividades al aire libre.

Vocabulary: Camping, features of the natural environment and weather.  

Grammar:  (Repaso) preterite verbs with the  spelling change i-y;  (Repaso) preterite of irregular verbs; (Repaso) preterite of verbs with the spelling change e-i and o-u.      

Chapter 2:  Pintura y escultura.  

Vocabulary:  describing art and sculpture; tools for painting; describing art.   

Grammar:  the preterite vs. the imperfect; estar + participle.  

Third Quarter:

Chapter 5:  Encontrar un trabajo.   

Vocabulary:  Getting a job; skills and abilities needed to perform a job; interviewing techniques.    

Grammar:   (Repaso) present participle; present  perfect; pluperfect.  

Chapter 6:  Vida profesional.   

Vocabulary:  jobs and professions; qualities of a good employee.  

Grammar:  the future; the future of probability.  

Second Quarter:

Chapter 3:  Salud y nutrición.  

Vocabulary:  nutrition; illnesses and pains;  medicine; habits for good health.   

Grammar:  affirmative tú commands; affirmative and negatives commands with  Ud. and Uds.    

Chapter 4:  Amistad y características de la personalidad.     

Vocabulary:  personality traits; interpersonal  behavior; friendship.   

Grammar:  the subjunctive with verbs of emotion; (Repaso) the uses of por and para.

Fourth Quarter:

Chapter  7: Arqueología y lugares arqueológicos.   

Vocabulary:  archaeological terms and activities; describing archaeological sites.   Grammar:  the present and past subjunctive in expressions of doubt.      

Chapter 8:  Interacción entre culturas.   

Vocabulary:  Ethnic groups; conquest and empires; fusion of different cultures.      

Grammar:  the conditional.