Health 2


Health 2


Jimmy Yi

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Course Overview

    Health 2 is a semester course that will guide students through the many dimensions of wellness. Students will develop skills needed in confronting difficult situations; understanding health prevention and promotion techniques that will establish a solid personal health education; and become health literate in making positive and healthy decisions.  This course is taken concurrently with Physical Education 2, with students rotating each quarter.

Course Outline

First/Second Quarter:

  • Chapter 12: Infectious Diseases

  • Chapter 13: Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV/AIDS

  • Chapter 14: Noncommunicable Diseases

  • Chapter 15: Achieving Mental and Emotional Health

  • Chapter 16: Managing the Stress in Your Life

  • Chapter 17: Mental Illnesses and Disorders

 Third/Fourth Quarter

  • Chapter 18: Health Family and Peer Relationships

  • Chapter 19: Dealing with Conflict, Violence, and Abuse

  • Chapter 20: Reproduction and Pregnancy

  • Chapter 21: Childbirth and Parenting Newborns

  • Chapter 22: Human Development across the Lifespan

  • Chapter 23: Safety and First Aid