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Theology 2


Understanding the Scriptures


  • Fred Rodriguez
  • Cody Lizama
  • Dr. Florencia Maldia

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Course Overview

    Dr. Scott Hahn presents a Catholic approach to Scripture highlighting the theme of covenant. Tracing a path through salvation history, the book explains the various parts of the Bible and the importance of each part. Understanding the Scriptures will provide students with an understanding of Sacred Scripture so critical to their Catholic faith. This course provides an introduction to the study & interpretation of Scripture.

Course Objectives

    Students will read and discuss the stories of the Hebrew Bible and its many authors. Students will explore the revelation of God to the Israelite people while beginning to understand salvation history. Themes discussed will include an introduction to church and Catholicism, creation, etymology, sin, vocation, the Exodus, slavery, covenant, the faithfulness of God, patriarch, matriarch, the psalms and the radical message of the prophets.

    Additionally, students will be guided through the introduction to the New Testament, the study of the Christian Messiah, Jesus Christ. Students will analyze and interpret the Christian Scriptures while they explore the life, message, and ministry of the historical Jesus. As students examine Scripture, they will strive to interpret the text in such a way that is meaningful for their own lived faith experience.

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to…

  1. Identify particular concepts which paint the landscape of Scriptures

  2. Identify particular issues in history with which figures of bible history have responded to God

  3. Identify and see the importance of a canon

  4. Identify specific theologies and philosophies which make up the Scriptures today

  5. Identify particular themes which put humanity in the light of God’s love

  6. Understand and articulate how history plays an important role in salvation history and how specific ideas and concepts have come from these same figures and particular circumstances

  7. See how God has been revealed in Scriptures in both the Old and New Testaments

  8. Understand how and why Scriptures is important, and, how Scriptures and the Church are integral to one another