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Spanish 1


Adonaya Pena

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Course Overview

    Spanish 1 is an introductory course for students with little or no knowledge of the Spanish language. This course will emphasize verbal communication as a primary means of communication followed by supportive grammar development.  The students will be in contact with the Spanish language since day one, as the Spanish language will be used as much as possible in the classroom.  This will help the student become familiar with the sound of Spanish words and get used to the new language, while contributing to the Spanish listening-speaking environment. In class, students will not only be actively participating in communicative activities with their classmates but also will be supported with an intense grammar component of the language.

Course Objectives

First Quarter:

 Para empezar (To begin)

     - En la escuela

     - En la clase

     - El tiempo

1.     Mis Amigos y yo (My friends and I)

     1A.  ¿Qué te gusta hacer?

     1B.  Y tú, ¿cómo eres?

2. La escuela (School)

     2A.  Tu día en la escuela

     2B.  Tu sala de clase


Third Quarter:


5.     Fiesta en Familia (Family Parties)

5A.  Una fiesta de cumpleaños

5B.  ¡Vamos a un restaurante!

6.     La casa (The house)

     6A.  En mi dormitorio

     6B.  ¿Cómo es tu casa?


Second Quarter:


3.     La comida (Food)

     3A.  ¿Desayuno o almuerzo?

     3B.  Para mantener la salud

4. Los pasatiempos (Hobbies)

4A.  ¿Adónde vas?

4B.  ¿Quieres ir conmigo?


Fourth Quarter:

7.     De compras (Shopping)

7A.  ¿Cuánto cuesta?

7B.  ¡Qué regalo!

8.  Experiences (Experiences)

       8A. De vacaciones

       8B. Ayudando en la comunidad