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Spanish 2


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Course Overview

    Spanish 2 is designed to teach students to expand their basic skill and knowledge learned in Spanish 1. Emphasis will be given to vocabulary development, listening, speaking, and writing skills in preparation for advanced work. This course also focuses on learning more about the Spanish culture. Students will be able to express themselves at a basic level in present, past, and future tenses. Additional emphasis will focus on reading comprehension, language structure, and the ability to speak fluently with the correct pronunciation.

Course Outline

First Quarter:


School activities; school rules; classroom objects.  Daily routines; clothing


The verb tener; stem-changing verbs; affirmative and negative words.

Reflexive verbs; ser and estar; possessive adjectives.

Third Quarter:

Vocabulary: Emergencies, crises, rescues, and heroic acts.  Televised sporting events; game shows; movie plots and characters.

Grammar: Imperfect tense: other uses; preterite of the verbs oir, leer, creer...

Preterit of –ir stem-changing verbs; other reflexive verbs.

Second Quarter:

Vocabulary: Places around town; errands.

Toys, games, and childhood activities.


Direct object pronouns: lo, la, los, las; preterite forms of ir, ser, hacer...

The imperfect tense, direct object pronouns.

Fourth Quarter:

Vocabulary: Food and cooking; following recipes; giving instructions in the kitchen.

Visiting an airport; taking a trip to a foreign country; safe travel

Grammar: Negative tú commands; the impersonal se.  The present subjunctive; irregular verbs dar, estar, ir and ser.