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Theology 4


Christian Morality & Justice


Fred Rodriguez

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Course Overview

    Students will be presented with the moral vision of Jesus Christ through the textbook, Our Moral Life in Christ along with supplemental readings, research, and activities. The Christian morality and ethics presented in this course will provide a path for responsibility, happiness and salvation if taken seriously and if owned within a person's internal being. Therefore, this course is about right choices and moments of truth experienced within every waking hour of a student's life for today and their future in the building of their personal character.

Course Objectives

    This class is designed to challenge critical thinking and provide scholarly handles from a Christian perspective to grapple an assortment of difficult issues and questions regarding the place of ethics, morality and justice.  The ultimate goal of this course is to acquaint students with the biblical worldview in the area of ethics, morality and justice. The outcome of the course is to provide meaning basis for the Christian claim that ethics, morality and justice are ultimately rooted in Triune God of Scripture.

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to...

  1. Describe what kind of person they are today and what kind of person they want to become

  2. Explain the Christian vision of morality based on the teachings of Jesus Christ

  3. Identify various “helps”—resources along the way on their life's journey

  4. Listen, observe and think critically about the influences of mass media and peer pressures

  5. Ponder and discuss the consequences of decision making through analyses of moral thinking and ethical actions

  6. Illustrate how systems theory is applied to decision making and recognize the short-term and far reaching effects of decisions

  7. Recognize and protect the humanity of all people—the unborn and the aged, the infirmed and the disabled, and the marginalized and the popular, etc.

  8. Develop positive and healthy human relationships by applying the Christian virtues of wise judgment, justice, courage, honesty, compassion, respect, and love