Japanese 1


Japanese 1


Wakana Burnham

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Course Overview

    JAPANESE 1 includes the study of phonetics, basic grammar, and linguistic structure, all in order for the students to read and write the beginning level of the language. In addition, it will focus on the development of listening and speaking skills by CD, DVD, and by communicating directly with native Japanese-speaking instructor.  It also introduces the students to Japanese culture and customs by experiencing or participating in hand-on classes and activities of ORIGAMI, SHODOO & AKIMATSURI.

Course Goals & Objectives


    JAPANESE 1 is a prerequisite for JAPANESE 2.  JAPANESE 2 will be a continuation of JAPANESE 1; therefore, students are required to take the language course for at least two years to reach the benchmarks of Beginning and Intermediate levels of proficiency in four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.