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Colin Perez

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Course Overview

   This course briefly reviews concepts from Environmental Science and moves on to pursue other areas in more depth. The course focuses on cell biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, genetics, evolution, and current research.  The student will know and be able to utilize the principles of scientific investigation, while attaining specific laboratory skills.  The student will investigate and learn about life at the molecular level and up to the level of organisms.  

Course Outline

First Quarter:

  • Science of Life

  • Homeostasis and Cell Transport

  • Photosynthesis

  • Cellular Respiration

  • Gene Expression

  • Inheritance Patterns and Human Genetics

  • Gene Technology

Third Quarter:

  • Plant Evolution and Classification

  • Plant Structure and Function

  • Echinoderms and Invertebrate Chordates

  • Fishes

  • Amphibians

Second Quarter:

  • Population Genetics and Speciation

  • Classification of Organisms

  • Populations

  • Community Ecology

  • Humans and the Environment

  • Viruses

Fourth Quarter:

  • Mammals

  • Animal Behavior

  • Human Skeletal, Muscular, and Integumentary Systems

  • The Body’s Defense System

  • Human Circulatory and Respiratory Systems