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Nathan San Nicolas

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Course Overview

   Physics is a branch of science that involves the study of the physical world, from motion and energy to light and electricity. Physics also uses the scientific method to discover general laws that can be used to make predictions about a variety of situations. A common technique in Physics for analyzing a complex situation is to disregard irrelevant factors and create a model that will describe the importance of a system or situation. This course will offer a conceptual development and quantitative approaches in applications that will cover the full spectrum of Physics.

Course Outline

First Quarter:

• The Science of Physics

• Motion in One Dimension  

• Two-Dimensional Motion and Vectors

• Forces and the Laws of Motion

• Work and Energy

Third Quarter:

• Sound

• Light and Reflection

• Refraction

• Interference and Diffraction

• Electric Forces and Fields

• Electrical Energy and Current

Second Quarter:

• Momentum and Collisions

• Circular Motion and Gravitation

• Fluids Mechanics

• Heat

• Thermodynamics

• Vibrations and Waves

Fourth Quarter:

• Circuits and Circuit Elements

• Magnetism

• Electromagnetic Induction

• Atomic Physics

• Subatomic Physic