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AP Calculus AB


AP Calculus AB


Rochelle Z. Concepcion

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Grade Level

11 or 12

Course Overview

    All of the topics that are listed on the AP® Central website for Calculus AB,  The pacing for AP® Calculus AB is approximate and includes time for review and testing. More is expected in Calculus. Students are expected to participate in independent study, self-directed research and learning (writing assignments, reading assignments, problem solving experiences) and use appropriate use of graphing calculators and computers. Hard work is stressed, expected, and rewarded. Students are required to take the AP® Calculus Exam sometime in May 2016. Parents receive a letter with details of the course and expectations the first day. Both the student and the parent sign this document.

Course Outline

First Quarter:

  • Chapter 1: Prerequisites for Calculus

  • Chapter 2: Limits and Continuity

Third Quarter:

  • Chapter 6: The Definite Integral

  • Chapter 7: Differential Equations and Mathematical Modeling


Second Quarter:

  • Chapter 3: Derivatives

  • Chapter 4: More Derivatives

  • Chapter 5: Application of Differentiation

Fourth Quarter:

  • Chapter 8: Applications of Definite Integrals

  • Review for AP Exam

  • Mock AP Exams