Japanese 2


Japanese 2


Wakana T. Burnham

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Course Overview

    The content of the Japanese 2 course is part of a four year curriculum. Students are required to take at least two years of a language. Japanese 2 will be a continuation of Japanese 1 and students will be expected to use the knowledge acquired in Japanese 1 and enhance it. Japanese 3 and 4 will continue this process but are elective courses. Students’ proficiency levels at the end of the course are expected to reach the Intermediate Low to Mid range, as described in the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTEL) Proficiency Guidelines, and Japanese Language Program Guideline: High School First Year and Second Year; Japanese Language Teachers’ Association of Guam.

Course Goals & Objectives


    The Japanese 2 course will focus on basic grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. It will primarily use the handouts provided by the teacher, and you will go through the textbook Lesson 6 - 11 (GENKI) or Chapter 3 - Chapter 5 (YOOKOSO). Advancing from Japanese 1, students will be increasing their proficiency in the Japanese language, learning more advanced grammar and vocabulary. Using this grammar and vocabulary, they will increase their ability to develop sentences and create conversations using their own ideas. They will complete assignments only in ひらがな(hiragana)、かたかな (katakana), and かんじ(kanji).