Tadashi Yanai (Cultural Anthropology, The University of Tokyo)

This website presents Tadashi Yanai's research and teaching activities at the University of Tokyo (Department of Cultural Anthropology). Its permanent URL is: https://sites.google.com/a/anthro.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp/yanai-e/

The site is made up, among other things, of the following elements:

Images: A few words about my basic attitude toward research and teaching (written/made in 2009).

Works: Most of my published writings as well as some unpublished ones are listed there. Some of them are linked and are downloadable.

Fragments: These pages contain excerpts from my writings and will be intended to be something similar to movie trailers by words. I hope you feel the images of thought moving among and around those lines. [Some pages are still untranslated. Except for "English Abstracts" page, they are mostly in Spanish, with Google Translate links.]

Teaching: The subjects treated in my courses (especially in my graduate ones) are presented in this part. Also, the names of my graduate students and the researchers who has been collaborating with me are listed with their respective research subjects and keywords.


I have adapted this website to the "New Google Site" format. (6 Sept. 2020)