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Why is Kata important & what are its limitations

by Jason Armstrong, 7th Dan Shihan

The significance of 108 in Martial arts and Buddhism & Kata Names: Sanchin, Seipai, Sanseiru, Gojushiho, Suparinpei

by Greg Scovell, 5th Dan Shito-ryu

Weapons training and Karate - do they mix?

by Ed Mundy, 4th Dan Shotokan

Making your bunkai practice have the speed of kumite or street fighting - a video and text article

by Jason Armstrong

Comments re Bunkai form and iconic Kata presentation

by Jason Armstrong

Form and Structure in Karate - catching up with an 8th Dan sensei in Japan by Jason Armstrong

Unsu Kata evolution from Unshu & Bunkai - Okinawa to to Shito-ryu and Shotokan in mainland Japan

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Shikodachi & Naifanchindachi - why do the sports forms of today differ from the founders of karate by Jason Armstrong

Pinan Nidan (also called Heian Shodan) History, Kata & Bunkai

by Jason Armstrong

Gojushiho - kata history, video and an evidence based practice of bunkai using street fighting statistics

by Jason Armstrong

Bassai Dai - kata history, video and an evidence based practice of bunkai using street fighting statistics

by Jason Armstrong

Gassho Kata & Bunkai

Matsukaze, a kata formerly called Wankan.

Chinto, or Gankaku kata, and article and video on its history, form and bunkai.

The Medical side of Damaging an Opponent

The anatomy and physiology of striking the solar plexus

by Jason Armstrong, Ph.D.

CPR - a new approach to the Traditional CPR Method

by Dr Gordon A. Ewy, MD

Street Fighting Statistics, Karate technique selection and

Medical Outcomes by Jason Armstrong

Punch & throw derived whiplash from fighting

by Jason Armstrong, Ph.D.

Tooth damage or loss: What to do before arriving at the dentist

by Dr. Matthew Gentner (Endodontist)

Elbow injuries related to punching with snap and elbow lockout - is it the traditional way to do the technique?

by Jason Armstrong PhD, 6th dan

Qi Gong: Crazy Medicine: Healing With Your Own Energy?

by Christopher Caileis

Glucosamine clinical trials #1 - support for joint help does not look good supplied by Chris Alderman at South Australia Health and based on work by Anna McClure, Clinical Pharmacy Co-ordinator, RGH

Glucosamine clinical trial #2 - Is it worth taking it for your joints?


Back foot in reverse punch - should your foot/heel be completely flat? And is that really the traditional way?

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Shikodachi & Naifanchindachi - why do the sports forms of today differ from the founders of karate

by Jason Armstrong

A discussion on the Tani lineage Shukokai/Shito-ryu double hip recoil gyakuzuki

by Jason Armstrong, 7th dan

What is the right standard for 1st Dan and 3rd Dan belt tests?

by the Traditional Japanese Karate Network

Foot & hand synchronization - it is not as simple a story as tournament kata scoring standards when considering knock-out statistics, kumite & bunkai

by Jason Armstrong, 7th dan

Articles on Well Known Karate Instructors

Itosu Ankoh - a defining instructor in Okinawa's karate history

Higashionna - Higaonna - Kanryo of Okinawan karate

Mabuni Kenwa & the Genesis of Shito-ryu Karate and its History

by Michael Doucet

Seibukan: The Shorinji-ryu karate of Shimabukuro Zenryo

by Hanshi John Sells

Tani sensei & a discussion on the Tani-ha lineage of Shukokai/Shito-ryu double hip recoil gyakuzuki by Jason Armstrong, 6th dan

Kimura Shigeru of Shukokai Karate - article & video

Yagi Meitoku & Meibukan Goju - the person who received Chojun Miyagi's belt

Nakamura, 9th dan, was formerly the top student of Kancho Mas Oyama in the Japan Kyokushinkai organization

by Christopher Caileis

Chinen sensei - an article and interview

by Robert Hunt

Hohan Soken - A Glimpse Of Old Karate From Shorin Ryu karate

by Christopher Caileis

Richard Kim Sensei, memories & his Karate by Christopher Caileis

Sensei Victor Young, 8th Dan Shotokan

John Sells Hanshi, 8th Dan Shito-ryu: student of Fumio Demura and Kenzo Mabuni

Greg Story Sensei Instructor profile, a Ph.D. Westerner who has become Japanese: Using one's Karate Strategy & Skills in life and Work for success

Uetake Sensei, Catching up with a Shito-Ryu 8th Dan: Comments on Form & Structure in Karate

by Jason Armstrong

Confucius and Asian Philosophy

by Christopher Caileis

Bodhidharma: Myth or Reality? The founder of Martial arts and Zen?

by Christopher Caileis

Trip & Seminar Reports

1995 Japan & Hong Kong Dojo Trip Report

by Jason Armstrong

Karate Budokan international trip report - India 2006

by Mitchell, Alan & Shihan in India:

Form and Structure in Karate - Japan Trip report 2006 observations of 8th dan sensei by Jason Armstrong

USA, Canadian and Australian Karate Black Belts come together… 2006 tour

2006 Trip Report on Goju, Shotokan & Shito-ryu Dojo visits in USA

by Sensei Garry Edwards, 4th Dan

USA Karate Trip report April 07 involving Hanshi Sells & Shihan Avitan

by Jason Armstrong

2011 visit to the Kotaka Dojo, and ex-all Japan champion who has produced numerous recent world champs & some Hawaii karate history a BLOG of note comprising post by Young senei (8th Dan), Bartholomay sensei (8th Dan), Jason Armstrong (7th Dan) & McDonald sensei (7th dan)

Philosophy & Karate Culture

The meaning of Osu!

by Jason Armstrong, 7th Dan

Overcoming Adversity - in the dojo & life

by Sensei Young, 8th Dan Shotokan

A brief history of karate & its kanji

by Jason Armstrong, 6th Dan

Genesis and history of shito-ryu karate

by Michael Doucet

Joriki a "zen" term related to fighting "in the zone"

by Jason Armstrong, PhD, 6th Dan

Karate Tournament fighting and the use of time tested Zen & Budo strategy from the samurai culture

by Jason Armstrong, PhD, 6th Dan

One Explanation of a "Zen" State of Mind - Mushin

by Nick Lukich 4th Dan

Japanese Calligraphy for Zen and Karate...

by Sumida Mayuko

Using your Karate Strategy & Skills in life and Work for success- article & instructor profile of 5th Dan

by Shihan Greg Story, Ph.D. & 6th Dan

”Seiretsu” – line up for a karate bow in.

by Joseph Robert

Why is Etiquette important in the dojo - karate strength and intensity

by Jason Armstrong

Comparing Corporate and Personal goal attainment programs that have developed over thousands of years of Zen and Martial Arts with those of modern day legends such as Covey's 7 Habbits of Highly Effective People

The significance of 108 in Martial arts and Buddhism & Kata Names: Sanchin, Seipai, Sanseiru, Gojushiho, Suparinpei

by Greg Scovell, 3rd Dan Shito-ryu

Japanese and Western dojo(s), comparisons made by a Westerner who lived in Japan with a karate master

by Dr. Jason Armstrong, Ph.D., authored 2005

Our Style's Dojo kun & its heritage

by Jaki Scovell

The Hakama in martial arts & karate

Martial Arts & Business

Comparing Japanese Business Strategy, Sun Tzu and to Modern Approaches in the West.

Sports Karate vs. Traditional Karate

Traditional vs. Sport Karate

by Julian Forbes

Sports Karate vs. traditional fighting

by Jason Armstrong

David Eckford - only foriegner to be All Japan Champion.

a Past BLOG of note.

A Comment on Tournaments: Why they are worthwhile despite rules, refereeing and & sporting politics..

by Jason Armstrong

Traditional Goju - Hojo Undo & Kakie What karate are you really practicing?

By David Lambert – IOGKF International Editor

Physiology of Fighting Performance

At what age is a Karate Athlete at his or her peak to perform?

By Julian Forbes

Grasping the big picture: Age and visual + neural processing in martial arts

by Christopher Caileis

Controlling emotions in karate sparring & fighting (kumite)

by David Walker

The Importance of proper exercise for Karate. Fitness: Is it necessary for a real fight? by Sensei Lorne Bruch

Controlling The Flinch, The Blink and The Turn Away

by Christopher Caileis

Medical Outcomes of Street Fighting and Martial Arts

by Jason Armstrong, Ph.D.

Visual Focus: Looks Can Deceive?

by Christopher Caile

Martial Arts Fitness, Hojo Undo and Cross Training Old (Hojo Undo) and New (sports conditioning) ways to increase ones fitness in Karate and the Martial Arts

by Jason Armstrong PhD

Deadpan Eyes in fighting

by Christopher Caileis

Weight training - Pre-adolescent strength training - Just do it!

by Dr Narelle Sibte – Strength & Conditioning Coach, Australian Institute of Sport

Punching style & rounded shoulders - style considerations & 8 exercises alongside boxer comparisons

by Jason Armstrong, Ph.D.