Ganbare Karate

Precott, Arizona


Kids and adults alike learn the benefits of practice and discipline to see results!


Learn to control your behavior and increase your physical self control.


Our Prescott Karate dojo teaches students respect for their teachers and their fellow participants.

1845 E. Campbell Ave Prescott, AZ 86301

Sensei Victor Young, 8th Dan

The Chief Instructor of Ganbare Shotokan Karate is Sensei Victor Young. A native of Hawaii, he began his Martial Arts training in 1957, studying Kodokan Judo. He had always yearned to learn karate and had the good fortune of training under some very high ranking instructors (and Japan champions) of the Japan Karate Association (JKA). Sensei Young was awarded his black belt in 1967 by Asai Tetsuhiko Sensei and began teaching in 1970 where he was appointed Branch Instructor of the dojo where he began his training (Pearl City Dojo).

Relocating to Camarillo, California in 1981, Sensei Young opened the doors to the oldest karate school in town. He has since trained hundreds of students of all ages and professions, both male and female. His students continue to reflect his knowledge and teachings, not only in the dojo, but also by excelling in academics and competition.

Sensei Young enjoyed many years of tournament competition and looks forward to sharing these experiences with his students. His tournament career spanned nearly 40 years, winning competitions in Hawaii, California, Colorado and Mexico.

Prior to relocating to Prescott, AZ in 2015, Sensei Young sold his school in California to enjoy retirement. But fate wouldn’t allow him to, as the local Shotokan school (Prescott Shotokan Karate Club) had lost their instructor. He was approached and asked if he would assume the responsibilities as head instructor at a brand new dojo. After much consideration, he came out of a short retirement to head Ganbare Shotokan Karate.

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