Free Data from 27 polls on Dojo Training & Student Marketing issues for Martial Arts

Insights into average student & dojo costs, student desires and pricing opinions

Dojo & Student Marketing Survey comprising over 2,500 survey answers with data from 20+ key questions.

Covering such things as:

  • how students found your dojo (what advertising systems get students into clubs)
  • costs & pricing of training (tournament, camps, seminars)
  • student opinions (tournament, camps, seminars)
  • why students start karate - assess for curriculum/marketing
  • why do students keep training
  • techincal issues (is bunkai done in belt tests, use of street fighting stats in tests, sensei ranks etc.)

Data from 27 previous karate surveys:

1. Why did you start martial arts?

Self Defense


Social/meet friends



2. If you have been training for more than 1 year what is most important to you now?




Self Defense



3. How did you originally find your dojo?

Mailbox drop



Public demo

Phone book


Drive by/sign

Friend referral

4. Does your dojo use street fighting data for curriculum design and belt tests?

5. How many hours do feel is best for class duration each night?

1hr class

1.5hr class

2hrs class

3hrs class

6. Do you compete in tournaments?

7. Given your busy life how many times a week do you wish to train at your dojo?

1 time per week

2 times per week

3 times per week

4 times per week

5 times per week

8. Do you do bunkai in your belt tests?

9. Do you feel your dojo should belong to a larger organization for technical and support reasons?

10. How much are your monthly fees?

11. What is fair price to pay for your uniform as a first lightweight dogi?

12. What is the closest to your belt test fee for yellow belt? includes belt + test.

13. How many years on average does it take a person in your dojo to achieve black belt?

15. Does your dojo train with other styles at seminars/camps more than twice a year?

16. How much do you think is a fair price to pay for a weekend camp?

17. What is fair price to pay for a seminar from a well known instructor?

18. Do you think that WKF style of fighting is past its peak as people have been exposed to so much UFC, MMA, close quarter & bunkai insight?

19. What rank is your dojo sensei?

20. How many martial art seminars do you like to do a year?

21. If you have trained karate for more than 10 years, given its time commitments do you feel it has had a negative family effect for you?

22. If you think karate promotes health and lifespan, by how many years?

Data from 150 replies

23. “If you have been training more than 10 years, do you still feel there is a combative stress or disposition you acquire on entering the dojo each night?

24. Do you take the time to read about & train methods of mind/strategy related to your fighting, or as it is often called, "Zen in the martial arts". 159 responses make up the below data.

25. How often do you hit a bag as a part of your training?

116 responses make up the below data.

26. At what age in your style do junior Dan ranks switch from being a junior Dan rank to an adult rank?

assuming that switch over point means they can "hold their own" against adults of the same rank & approximate size i.e. be of equal danger to them.

Of note in the responses is that over 41% of the 100 respondents indicated 17yrs & above. The 20% that indicated 16yrs with caveats, choose the option that the individual was a stand out & very rare student.

27. In your experience in kumite, do you feel you are generally more likely to score by going in first?

175 responses