The Traditional Japanese Karate Camp

Australia 2020

September 25th (check-in), 26th & 27th at the Sunshine Coast

Adult & Kids classes divided into different sections.

Two days of concurrent classes covering:

Adults & teenagers

Kids (green belt and above)

Non-training parents are welcome to accompany & stay over

Featured Instructors

  • Chew Sensei - over 45 years in karate originally part of Kanazawa's organization (shotokan) & after moving to Australia changed to Goju 25 yrs ago & is now directly aligned with Taira sensei of Okinawa. Chew sensei is a 6th Dan.
  • Shihan Jason Armstrong (7th Dan, Shito-ryu) - lived in student of a "Master" in Japan & has placed in international kata & kumite events
  • Kyoshi Valentino (TBF), 7th Dan
  • Shihan Tracy Ellis (TBF), 5th Dan
  • Sensei Dave Lewis 5th Dan Shito-ryu. Began training in the 1970s.
  • Sensei Sarven McLinton (4th Dan), Shito-ryu. Has lived in Japan and while there gained a black belt in Iaido and trained both Kyokushin & Shito-ryu.
  • Sensei Adrian Cartland (3rd Dan), Goju and BJJ practitioner
  • Senpai Callum Monaghn, Goju 3rd Dan & Judo

Retreat location:

Sunshine Coast Recreation Centre

80 Currimundi Road, Currimundi QLD 4551

Attendance & Cost:

  • Sat nite accommodation
  • includes all meals Sat &, Sun
  • includes all training Activities & Classes

  • prices $155 for those training

  • non-training parents/kids accompanying karate students $125 each (2 nights accomm & meals)

Registrations close on Sep 30th:

Note: Post registration/payment you will be prompted to provide the names of those you registered, their sex, age & any dietary requirements.


Please use Contact Us form,

or call Jason on 0409208143


Friday 25th Sep

5pm onwards - check-in & Friday night dinner provided

Saturday 26th

6-7:30am Basics & Drills - joint teaching Jason Sensei, Sinn Sensei & Sarven Sensei.

9-10:30am Dan testing Phase 1: Kihon & Ippon kumite

10-11:30 Kata Seipai - joint teaching by Sinn sensei and Jason Sensei

12 noon Lunch

1-2 pm Ido (combination work) Dave sensei, Sarven Sensei & Sinn sensei

2-3pm "Zen" & Sun Tzu's war applied to kumite mindset - Jason sensei

3:45-4:45pm Beach session 1

  • Adults close quarter combat
  • Kids beach drills and games

5:30pm Early dinner

6pm-7:30 Kids Movie before bed (2 different movies will be run for kids age groups)

Adults - Networking & relax

Sunday 27th October

6am-7am Beach session 2 beach stance drills & sumo competition

8:15-9:30 Breakfast

9:30-10:30 Dan Testing Phase 2: Kata, bunkai & kumite

10:30am-11:30 Adults: Randoori grouped by rank with floating instructors

10:30am - 11:30am Kids ladder drills for hoping, footwork and stances + Kata comp

12 noon Lunch

1:30 to 2:30

Adults - Bunkai work

Jason sensei, Sinn Sensei

Adults - bag/pad work & kumite/distance fighting drills

Sinn sensei, Dave sensei & Adrian sensei

Kids Sparring & Ippon kumite comp (kids) & pad work


Inquiries: please use contact us form, or call Jason on 0409208143

What to bring

Pillows & sheets to cover mattress

Blankets and/or sleeping bag

Bats, balls, tennis, etc

Water bottles, towel, hat, sunscreen, bug spray, toiletries, togs etc

Two karate uniforms recommended as the dogi gets a bit wet/smelly by Sunday...

Camp Site has

Walk to beach

Large grassed playing areas

Multi purpose hard court for tennis, ball sports

Kids play ground