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Hand Brushed Shodo by Mayuko Sumida

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Order kanji artwork by a Japanese artist (Mayuko Sumida - artist's biography is below).

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Characters, sayings, styles include:

Do the path to enlightenment; Ki inner spirit/lifeforce; Zen; Enso a Zen symbol with interpretation like "empty yet complete"; Heian (Pinan) Peace & tranquillity; Mushin an empty mind; Kiai; Budo Way of the martial arts; Bushido Way of the warrior; Karate-Do Way of the empty hand; Karate-Do Way of the Chinese hand (the original kanji for karate); Dojo the place of studying the Way; Sui water; Moku wood; Ka fire; metal; Chi earth; Hana flower; Arashi Storm; Aka red; Tsuki moon; Shodan 1st degree black belt; Goshu Australia; America; South Africa; England; Canada; Nihon Japan; Fudoshin mental and physical strength through an immovable mind; Shito-ryu; Shotokan; Goju; Yin-yang inyo in Japanese; Kyokai Academy or Institute; Menkyo license/certification; Kazoku family; Shin heart/mind; Zanshin lingering spirit; Matsu pine tree; Judo; Bassai no kata; Unsu (Unshu); Dai big; Seienchin; Aikido; Sensei teacher; Shihan master; Rishin success.

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About the Japanese Artist providing the calligraphy:

Mayuko Sumida learnt Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) from her grandfather who is a sensei in the art. She also practices Japanese karate. She is from Nagoya Japan and has now begun supplying calligraphy through this website.

A purchase also licenses the buyer to use the supplied kanji on your website or other publication for marketing or decorations. Mayukos standard offerings include the above kanji.

Brief Article: Origins & Methods of ShoDo Japanese Calligraphy

One often sees Karate and Zen Japanese calligraphy hanging in traditional dojo in Japan and the West. Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) has been practiced by some of the most famous martial artists that have ever lived and is an art to be appreciated, and contemplated. Many books relate budo (the martial arts) to shodo as complementary arts and a first rate example includes The sword of No-Sword which documents the life of the sword and zen master Tesshu (book authored by John Stevens; ISBN 0-87773-284-1). This book documents Tesshus study of martial arts, Zen & calligraphy in his journey to enlightenment. Miyamoto Musashi is another famous martial artist who also practiced calligraphy.

Japanese calligraphy is more than simply writing as the Chinese characters are derived from pictographs of what they represent (below figure). In the Japanese language these characters are called "Kanji". Many of the requirements for their production mirror that of zen as it is expressed in fighting: e.g. fluid movement, empty mind, the creation of strength in what is created, and the movements are often related to those of a sword in motion.

The 4 primary tools used in Shodo for the creation of the Japanese artwork include:

Shikishi: The traditional medium is rice paper, or thicker rice paper boards called


Fude: The brush.

Suzuri: a black stone container which the sumi is rubbed in to mix with water.

Sumi: Rather than using modern ink the sumi is solid black material that is rubbed in water in the suzuri to produce the black ink which is then used for writing (used in the prints created by Mayuko Sumida outlined below).