UQ Karate

The UQ Karate Club offers an inclusive, friendly, and safe environment where mid to close-range self-defence skills are practiced, from striking to grappling, to groundwork.

The style that is practiced is Okinawa Goju-Ryu, meaning ‘Hard&Soft’ style, which has been heavily influenced by the southern Chinese Kungfu styles throughout the 19th and 20thcenturies. We practice to develop and discipline the human spirit. This discipline must be self-imposed in order for it to be meaningful. The method of training is the same - constant repetition of both solo and partner exercises.

Our goal is not the attainment of a particular belt or fighting skill but rather the process of learning itself; everything else is a by-product of the training. In martial arts we frequently speak of the practice of our arts as the Way or “Do” - a term that symbolizes process. It is not physical prowess of the art that is important, but rather the mental attitude and state of mind while engaged in the art.

When the art is thought of as a process it becomes seamless amongst styles. For this reason, and in the spirit of the university, we welcome all exponents of other styles to join us in sweat and discovery.

25, The University of Queensland, Union Rd, St Lucia QLD

Sensei SInn Chew, 6th Dan

Chew Sensei - over 45 years in karate originally part of Kanazawa's organization (shotokan) & after moving to Australia changed to Goju 25 yrs ago & is now directly aligned with Taira sensei of Okinawa. Chew sensei is a 6th Dan.

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