Fig Tree Pocket Dojo - Term 4 Belt Test Sign-up:

Saturday 27th Nov

2021 Term 4 Belt Test: Sat 27th Nov

Belt Test registration Term 4, 2021

Please complete the registration by paying via the below link. Given the FTP club size, your dojo instructor will receive information that lets them distinguish who/how many in your family is testing.

Click here to pay for Belt Test registration...

Within 24 hours you will see the name you have registered in the below table for confirmation.

Students signed up Test term 4

List of students signed up for the test for Term 4:

These younger kids can receive 3 types of awards on a belt test day.

- term participation & completion certificate (no fee charged to participate in the "test')

- a rank advancement (certificate; test fees of A$25)

- a Kyu level advancement (either a new black strip or belt color is issued; test fees of A$25)

Test and Class Schedule for Sep 5th Term 3:

Little Tigers Test: 9am to 9:30

All other ranks combined regular class and testing: 9:45-10:45am

Weapons testing 10:45-11:15am

Theory Tests occur for Adults & kids over 12 years for:

  • white testing for yellow

  • orange testing for green

  • Any Dan rank

Click here to go to online theory test page...

Belts & Ranks:

At the end of each school term we have a belt test. The student may end up with any of the following outcomes:

  • no rank change if not quite ready

  • a change in level

  • for kids, the addition of a stripe (Kyu level changes)

  • belt colour change

The traditional martial arts as passed to us from Japan is aimed at life learning lessons. Therefore belt testing is always a competency & effort based test, with age & size factored in (i.e. people are not simply promoted for participating).

Videos on Basic Technique for White to Orange belts:

- filmed mid-1990s with an adult focused teaching style

2. Basic Punch...

3. Introduction to Stances...

4. Introduction to Reverse Punch...

5. Introduction to Lower Block...

6. Introduction to kick (knee/ankle lift variant 1)...

7. Introduction to Kiai...

8. Upper Block...

9. Punching Harder & Faster...

10. What is Kata...

11. Basic Karate Drills...

Note: These videos cover an initial understanding of technique in one variant (even in our style of shito-ryu, we teach different approaches to a technique depending on your rank)