Kumite Strategy & Zen for fighting

The samurai used "Zen" for a very good reason - it provided a mind state, technique & strategy which enabled victory when life or death was the outcome. This video series enhances traditional impact karate fighting and tournament competition.

7 video files make up the 1hr 30min course

  • Full video contents:
  • Fighting combinations using strategy derived
  • from Zen
  • Reading others and technique
  • Mental attitude for Tournament fighting
  • The "zone" for fighting
  • Mushin - an empty mind and how technique
  • is enhanced
  • Zen development path realted to karate belt ranks
  • Creating a strong mind - Fudoshin
  • Using Zen and samurai tools in fighting to overcome fear

To access the compete 7 part video course:

Purchase a file download (all 7 parts included for $19)....

Course Structure in detail: Material includes drills, techniques, technique combinations, and video footage from Zen & Kumite workshops. Kumite bouts are from video taken in the USA and Japan

Video 1, An introduction as to why & how Zen is important for optimal fighting (15 min, 16MB). The backbone of martial arts is Zen, it is what differentiates it from other non-asian fighting arts and sports. How it became part of fighting and how it creates a mindstate and improved technique (or technical approaches) is covered in depth. The video establishes why it aids a tournament or full contact fighter.

Video 2, Techniques and drills for reading others in fighting and Mushin (14 min, 16MB)

Video 3, Fudoshin and Fear - A strong mind from Zen (14min, 17MB)

Video 4, Centering oneself for mind, body and technique strength (13 min, 16MB). Discussion includes: A "Mind like water", technique structure to maintain courage dominance and momentum.

Video 5, Kiai and Aiki in Fighting - strategic use of them in techniques (12 min, 15MB) - to set-up an opponent

Video 6, Voids (mental and physical) the use of them in offense and defense technique combinations (10min, 13MB).

Techniques for offense and denfense that open physical and mental gaps on your opponent.

Video 7, Karate ranks and the stages of Zen development and how they realte to fighting (Ox-herding pictures; 11min, 13MB). Traditional karate ranks (white belt through to Dan ranks) can be related back to the Zen stages outlined in traditional Zen study. This section of the course talks about what mental development for fighting and the study of karate should be present at a given rank. Footage is also included from an annual Karate-Zen retreat camp held in 2004.

To access the compete 7 part video course:

Purchase a file download (all 7 parts included for $19)....