Kenjufudokai Karate Dojo

Himeji, Japan

The chief instructor (Uetake sensei) is currently Chairman of the Himeji Karate Fedration (which oversees about 40 dojo from different Japanese Karate styles). He trained for decades in the Renbukan Shito-Ryu system under Master Sotokawa and Master Iba. See Sensei Uetake's karate lineage on the Karate family tree....

He has named his current honbu dojo Kenjufduokai which translates to "Enjoying the way of studying the fist and an immvoable mind".

Picture from 2006 - some of the associated instructors

Ryuhei sensei, Uetake sensei, Armstrong sensei, Shiraoka sensei

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545-7 Yamasaki, Shikito-cho

Yamasaki Y430

Himeji 671 0209


Dojo History Photos of Uetake Sensei

Uetake sensei performing seienchin at a tournament in Himeji Japan in the early 1980s.

Uetake sensei (5th Dan at the time) visiting Renbukan Shito-ryu in 1986 with Sotokawa sensei. At Shihan Greg Story's honbu dojo in Brisbane.

Uetake sensei visiting working maegeri on Jason Armstrong 2006 in Himeji Japan.

Uetake sensei with Jason Armstrong and Iba sensei in Japan in 1997 .

Uetake as a Shihan 6th Dan in 1995

Sai discussion at a party in 1998 (Uetake sensei and Jason Armstrong). Uetake is a big fan of Sai.

Dinner at the Uetake household in the 1990s (a time here Jason Armstrong lived as an Uchi Deshi with Uetake & under the training of Sotokawa sensei).

Uetake sensei refereeing a bout with Jason Armstrong in Japan in 1997

Uetake with his wife and kids from his second marriage. Winter of 2018

Uetake at 74 yrs of age after a class teaching Jason Armstrong kids.

Himeji Japan summer 2018.

Uetake Bunkai classes - working with Jason Armstrong

Horsing around at Dan Dan's bar - the after training drinking spot on Saturday night instructor classes in Himeji in 1990s.

The infamous Uetake sensei Beetle's cover band of the 1990s