Rae Johnson

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Artist Statement

As a long-time fan and creator of games and graphic novels, Rae's art lives in the realm of fantasy and the fantastic. Their stories unfold in numerous sketchbooks bursting with detailed, traditional and digital comic pages, colorful paintings and black-and-white illustrations. Much of their personal work explores concepts of personal identity, good vs. evil, nature vs. nurture, and how those concepts all intersect.

View Rae's work or meet them at a reception at these ART25 locations:

Claire's Corner Copia - Chapel St

April - June 2018 (Reception May 1st @8PM)


Rae is a recent resident of New Haven; a Vassar graduate, long-time arts-camp counselor and teacher in New York. Their comic work tackles issues of identity through fantasy, and as a fine art and cartooning instructor they have developed and shared their passion for various media outside the intricate world of their sketchbook.

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Website/Webcomic : rajohnsonart.com ; the-neer-do-wells.com

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Commissioned traditional and digital drawings and paintings