ART 25

What is ART25 and WHY?

Art 25 showcasing works of local artists in local businesses emphasizing the value of art and artists in the local economy. Beginning in October 2017 we seek to create 25 local business galleries as a model program that inspires and recognizes a creative economy that includes artists. When achieved we seek to expand the program to other cities to support working artists and reflect the diversity of unique talent in Connecticut.

What is Art 25?

Art 25 is a group of artists providing gallery services to local businesses and interior designers. We provide production, installation and maintenance marketing services for original artworks.

We work cooperatively to:

  • recruit artists and maintain a roster of local artists with artwork prepared for exhibition.
  • promote public awareness and recognition of local artists
  • enhance individual and group capacity through our sharing skills and resources
  • promote public appreciation and engagements with the arts
  • provide a reflection of the rich diversity in local artistic expression in communities.
  • offer fee based artist talks, demonstrations, artist residencies, interactive events and site specific design .

We work with businesses to promote artists and the exhibits through :

  • hosted receptions
  • social media campaigns
  • News releases to local TV and print
  • Special events - interactive workshops - other artistic services
  • Inclusion on our website business-gallery art map
  • working collaboratively with businesses and associations to broaden exposure of CT Artists

Funding: ART25 exhibitions and operating expenses are funded through $25 artist membership fees, grants, a suggested business donation/contribution of promotional materials and efforts

MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to organize local artists and make our work accessible by broadening our audience while enhancing public appreciation for art and artists’ role in the local economy.

For Artists

Get your art out where it will be seen!

Art25 invites artists to participate in our business galleries while giving you the benefit of working with other artists to promote our role in the economy.

We professionally hang your work at local businesses to increase your visibility, potential sales, and recognition as an artist.

We show business owners samples of works (including yours) to display on their walls on a quarterly basis (three month exhibits).

Prepared* artworks rotate every three months, which means, we take down that show, and install the next one.

Other features include: receptions, publicity (e-mail blasts, news releases to local media, postcards etc.

Selling artworks:

Each venue varies with regard to selling artwork from the space. Some businesses will sell the art directly from the venue through their register, others allow for display of contact information for the sale of your art. Artist agree to include a 10% commission to ART25 in the price of their artworks.

*Ready to hang wall art: paintings, photography, multi-media collages, prints etc. All art must be ready to hang before you art can be shown to a prospective business client.

By being part of this “co-op” group, you are also expected to take on responsibility for helping with aspects of the process that fit your skill set. So anywhere you see the word "we", means that a member of the group is either overseeing the task, helping or doing it! As the number of artists increase in the group so does the diversity of skills that we can share for our collective and individual benefit.

GOT an idea for a project?

ART25 is a project of The Artist Union. As a group we are working on other projects such as public art, paid school and healthcare facility residencies and fee-based event services such as artist talks, interactive workshops and a directory of freelance services. We are working on other services for artists including business and professional development workshops, and artist supply discounts.

For Businesses


The integration of our services and our teams' commitment to our clients is what makes us unique. We build strong relationships with our clients by providing a seamless quality of artistic services to enhance your business design and community relations. Also, it is important to us that we grow intelligently, creating long term opportunities for our artists and our customers.

Art 25 provides . . . . . .

  • Experienced team assigned to you
  • Professional gallery services
  • Partnering with you to create a fresh design for your space
  • We make your holiday sparkle
  • Art 25 makes your interior design experience easy
  • From providing art gallery, holiday and special event décor and exterior services.
  • professionally install artwork that you choose from a diverse collection of local artists.


A thoughtful, professional interior art show enhances any environment. Adding original art not only . . . . . but increases productivity. ART 25 has diverse selection of art and artistic services from many professional artists in your community. We are the only collaborative artistic service for businesses in Connecticut. We don't just provide art, we provide atmosphere! Enjoy the process with Art 25. We are on your team!

Your investment is protected by our art staff. Our art technicians are trained in commercial installations and are continually improving their knowledge through ongoing educational programs. Your interior design will be maintained, taking into consideration your space and the environment. We guarantee it!

• Budget Preparation

• Design & Build

• Project Consultation

• Trained, professional Installation ( OSHA 30 certified)

• Professional Art Consulting and Management

• Purchase & Lease Programs

• Quality Control Assurance Program

• Monthly Art Care with Guaranteed Maintenance

• Integrated Publicity and Community Relations services

  • coordinate reception for opening and closing art events.
  • Artistic entertainment - Paint nite and other custom interactive events

We work hard to exceed client expectations. Serving commercial, residential and municipal markets, our comprehensive services – from site assessment to interior/exterior art displays and installation to maintenance, interactive events and media releases.

ART 25 Interior's focus is on enriching any environment through the power of original local artworks to make a great impression on everyone who comes in contact with your property. A well-designed interior art gallery gives your corporate headquarters, lobby, restaurant, school, home or office space fresh new interesting look every three months. A professionally designed and maintained interior artscape by ART 25 provides a beautiful, natural and welcoming environment for your clients.

Work with interior designers and architects to select or produce artworks specific to your needs in scale, style, color palette.

We work with businesses to promote the exhibits to bring in new customers through joint efforts such as :

  • hosted receptions
  • social media campaigns
  • News releases to local TV and print
  • Special events - interactive workshop such as paint night, body painting
  • Inclusion on our website business-gallery art map

ART 25 Gallery Map

For Schools and Healthcare

A local art gallery goes hand in hand with your facilities reputation. It is the first impression of a prospective student, employee or patient. Your organizations values are reinforced through your cultural enrichment. ART 25 can create a artscape management plan that contributes to the beautiful environment that will achieve your goals and maximize your budget.

Artist residencies and lecture assemblies

How it Works

Content that explains how the project operates

Artists supply 8-10 small images of their artwork for our catalog on two pages (vertical layout) with Name, media, contact info on top left. (see sample)

Businesses select artists from our catalog for one year of exhibitions. 3 month exhibitions x 4 artists or artist groups = 12 months


You as a local business, would schedule a meeting with one of our members for the purpose of

  1. Evaluating your space
  2. We would agree on artists whose work you and your customers would most enjoy seeing on your walls
  3. We would display the work of one or several artist of your choice for three months.
  4. When the time is up, we take that show down, and replace it with the next one, and so on.
  5. It is an annual agreement (3 months X 4 shows)
  6. Other services include:

Contact us . .

Yes. Artists can make great looking business websites! We offer a one-hour consulting session to get you going!