Jules Larson

Multi-Media Works and Prints

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I am intrigued with creating visual language to interpret experience. My earliest inspiration as an artist was influenced by the Russian mystic, Wassily Kandinsky, who reached into the emotionally provocative aspects of abstract art with intensely saturated and colorful forms. As my work and I evolve, I continue to expand upon the nuances of abstract, ephemeral arrangements as a sort of emotional confession. Using intermingled lines and forms, I attempt to translate, explore, and express individual identity entwined in and influenced by our collective environment.

View Jules' work or meet him at a reception at these ART25 locations:

Oct- Dec, 2017 at Shake Shack

Art reception - October 25th, 2017 5-8PM live music

Jules Larson lives and works in New Haven. He has had several solo exhibitions.

Jules' many community efforts include:

rePublicArt's community banner exhibitions, and many elementary school residencies. As a member of the Free Artists of New Haven, Jules volunteers many hours as an activist to support social and economic equity in New Haven.

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