JoAnn Moran

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Artist Statement

My work in the public sphere seeks to create inclusion in the practice and purpose of art and art making. Specializing in coordinating community participation projects, I am a founding member of ART25, a project that seeks to expand public engagement in the arts. I truly believe art-making is a unique experience that shapes us as individuals and societies.

Projects like ART25 liberate art and the artistic experience from its "proper" home in museums into everyday life. I see the value of art more in the process, of working out resistance and conflict rather than attaining perfection. In the words of my philosophical hero, John Dewey, “Mere perfection in execution, judged in its own terms in isolation, can probably be attained better by a machine than by human art.” Do we really aspire to be more machine or more human? . . . . .Got Art?

View JoAnn's work or meet her at a reception at these ART25 locations:

Claire's Corner Copia - Chapel St.

April - June 2018 (Reception May 1st @8PM)

JoAnn Moran is a muralist living in New Haven and sometimes on her sailboat. She produces murals by commission or leading participatory projects for schools and communities. She has worked with over 60,000 people of all ages and abilities in towns and cities in the U.S. and abroad to support positive social change.

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