Hayward Gatling

Abstract Photography

Artist Statement

I am a nature photographer. I guess I can say that now, because, a few years ago, I had my first show and people actually bought my pictures. What I'm comfortable with: Mechanics, liberal politics, carpentry, electrical work, pork products, plumbing and all things digital. I also enjoy drag racing and being a news junky.

I live in new haven ct USA a place so small even you can be someone.

Exhibition Title: Natural Paintings

Hayward Gatling is a New Haven native whose later-in-life photography career has produced powerful images of the natural world. His vivid, shimmering photos – which have been compared with Abstract Impressionist paintings -- are not manipulated (except for cropping), and his subjects can be as vast as the ocean or as intimate as a puddle on an East Rock sidewalk.


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Professional Services:

Abstract Nature photography, Framing