Maquis Brantley

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Marquis Brantley Sr. is a contemporary artist , born in New Haven in 1984. Marquis had a hard time finding his purpose was in life while growing up in the City's tough neighborhoods. Marquis was inspired throughout his childhood by his brother's creative graphic drawings. He was very persistent and kept practicing to improve. Soon after Marquis graduated high school, he attended Paier College of Art pursuing his passion. Marquis now specializes in illustration, portraits, murals and abstract painting. Marquis's work was featured in the New Haven Independent, for painting a mural of an Egyptian Kwanza mesh theme. The mural was painted on the building of the Empowerment Corporation for the "believe in me program". He also participates in the International Festival of Arts & Ideas held every year on the New Haven green. Marquis is currently an Art instructor and freelance artist who is looking to further his self as a growing artist.

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Abstracts, Landscapes, Portraits. Murals. Wood Carving