Erica Stair


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I have always enjoyed creating art: bringing to fruition an internal idea is a process I have always found rewarding. In high school, I discovered my love for working with clay. The tactile experience of molding clay into a new forms, combined with the variety of techniques that can be used to achieve texture and detail, is something I’m particularly drawn to. I especially love the anticipation of not knowing how a piece will turnout until the final firing is complete, and the colors of the glaze come to life. That is my favorite part; whether I am disappointed or delighted with the final product, I’ve learned something regardless. And that is the beauty of art.

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April - June 2018


My interest in working with clay led me to attend Central Connecticut State University where I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Art Education. I enjoy creating both functional and decorative pieces that incorporate the bright colors and intricate details found in nature. While ceramics remains a dominant medium for me, I am beginning to explore and enjoy other avenues of creative expression. Recently, I have been creating jewelry using a bead loom; my first piece was actually a custom collar for my dog! I look forward to teaching art in some capacity in the near future, weather it be in a school, summer camp, or private workshop.

Erica Stair was born in New Haven, Ct. She attended CCSU where she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Art Education with a concentration in ceramics. She has been enjoying developing her talents in her home studio in Hamden, CT. She enjoys throwing functional forms on a potter’s wheel as well as hand building with clay. She has also been exploring her talents in stained glass and jewelry making, having several projects currently in progress. She looks forward to sharing her artistic insights and facilitating artistic expression for people of all a

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