Katie Jurkiewicz


Artist Statement

All my work begins with sketches of observed landscape. Life is stranger then fiction - I find that I need to keep my work grounded in the quirkiness of reality to keep it from becoming predictable. I then take my drawings from the field, usually black ink on paper, and translate them back in the studio in technicolor. I find this step is key- allowing me to interpret the spirit of the scene rather than dutifully reproducing it.

While I have created landscapes of all types in the past, currently I am most interested in interpreting the natural world and works about renewable energy & environmental causes.

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SHAKE SHACK - 865 Chapel St, New Haven , CT

April - June 2018


Katie is a painter from New Britain, CT. She seeks to make intuitive work full of color and movement. Her work all begins grounded in drawings and sketches from my travels and then gets reinterpreted in the studio. Katie has an MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and a BA in Studio Art from Trinity College.

"I work in the field of art and design professionally at the non-profit Artspace in New Haven, CT and as an independent designer. I have had opportunities to lead art enrichment programs in my local public schools and continue to annually at the prestigious Virtuosi Summer Music Institute. I have had the opportunity to design costumes and/or scenery for over ten productions of the CT Lyric Opera and CT Lyric Opera Institute. I devoted seven years to my city’s arts commission, at times as its Chair (2011-2013), its gallerist (2008-2011) and a member at large."

"I am a traveler by nature, and thrive on the changing scenery that fuels my work. Consequently, I have sought out time at artist residencies, having spent time in residence most notably at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown and at CAMAC in Marnay-sur-Seine, France. My work has been exhibited: locally in Connecticut at Artspace New Haven, Real Art Ways in Hartford, The Broad St Gallery in Hartford, the Art League of New Britain, Six Summit Gallery of Ivoryton, and solo shows at the Art in the Heart Gallery; regionally with the Provincetown Art Association and Museum and the Walker Gallery at the FAWC in Provincetown, MA, the Doran Gallery in Boston, the Catalyst Gallery in Beacon, NY, the Climate/Gallery in Long Island City, several shows at the Nave Gallery in Somerville, MA; and internationally at CAMAC in Marnay-sur-Seine, France. "

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Professional art services:

Costume Design, Scenery Painting