Katie Jurkiewicz


Artist Statement

All my work begins with sketches of observed landscape. Life is stranger then fiction - I find that I need to keep my work grounded in the quirkiness of reality to keep it from becoming predictable. I then take my drawings from the field, usually black ink on paper, and translate them back in the studio in technicolor. I find this step is key- allowing me to interpret the spirit of the scene rather than dutifully reproducing it.

While I have created landscapes of all types in the past, currently I am most interested in interpreting the natural world and works about renewable energy & environmental causes.

View Katie's work at these ART25 locations:

SHAKE SHACK - 1445 New Britain Ave, West Hartford, CT, Dec 2021- March 2022


Katie is a painter from New Britain, CT. She seeks to make intuitive work full of color and movement. Her work all begins grounded in drawings and sketches from my travels and then gets reinterpreted in the studio. Katie has an MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and a BA in Studio Art from Trinity College.

Katie Jurkiewicz is an American painter who interprets her vision of nature on life-size scaled pieces, immersing the viewer in colourful and vibrant panoramas. Her artistic process begins with observation and drawing, which are then re-interpreted in the studio. Jurkiewicz’s work focuses on the colourful interplay of patterns found within flowers, trees, weeds, and plants from across the globe. She creates using acrylics on canvas.

Professional art services:

graphic design, web design, social media consultation