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Sexual and Reproductive Health

Sexual and Reproductive Health




Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer are two of the most common cancers among women in Thailand. Help spread awareness by educating your community.

Drugs & Alcohol

Fitness & Nutrition

Free Medical Supplies

Medwish is an organization that several PCVs in Thailand have used to get free medical supplies for their local health clinics and hospitals. PCVs in Thailand have received blood glucose monitors, fetal heart dopplers, blood pressure monitors, etc. Medwish will not pay for shipment. Normally a person applies for supplies from Medwish before going on a medical mission and simply takes the supplies with them (Medwish ships domestically, and the receiver pays for the domestic shipping costs). Medwish will ship internationally, but this is usually expensive (they do ship to APO addresses, if you happen to have one). So, if a friend or family member will be visiting you soon, you can ask Medwish to ship the supplies to this person, and they could bring you the supplies. Or if you're returning to the US for a visit, you could bring the supplies back for yourself, or another PCV.


Hand Washing And Dental Hygiene

Ovitraps & Dengue Prevention

Learn how to make Ovitraps to effectively reduce mosquito populations!

Mural Project

Create a mural to educate the community on different health issues.

Mural Projects