Peer Support Diversity Network

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What Is PSDN?

A Volunteer peer support network. Please feel free to contact any of your PSDN members anytime. (Scroll down for member contacts and more about PSDN's role.)

Our Mission

PSDN members provide, with integrity and confidentiality, a supportive, non-judgmental, and safe environment that will endure and evolve to meet the diverse needs of every Volunteer.

Who We Are

PSDN consists of eight current Volunteers, representing both TCCS and YinD programs, as well as three staff liaisons.

Group 129

Group 130

Peace Corps PSDN Staff Liaisons

  • Dr. Anucha Kongmaneerat Medical Duty Officer (PCMO)
    • Phone: 081-811-5855
  • Wisakha Phurikrai (Nan), Medical Secretary
    • Phone: 081-374-7571
  • Sirirath Komol (Nikki), Safety and Security Officer
    • Phone: 081-907-2636

What We Do

All members participate in PSDN training before commencing their support roles. Responsibilities include being available for support via phone or internet, biannual check-in calls with volunteers, quarterly newsletters, presence at training events, and confidential site visits upon request and approval by PC staff. Members are expected to be available for Volunteers, willing to listen as needed and offer referrals to staff or the Medical unit.

PSDN members serve as an available resource to all Volunteers throughout their 27 months (or beyond) of service around such areas as:

  • Site integration and host family stay
  • Field work and collaboration with supervisors
  • Language and cross-cultural situations
  • Family and interpersonal relationships
  • Successes and breakthroughs
  • Challenges and stressors
  • Emotional health and wellness

PSDN members cannot replace Peace Corps staff in resolving intensive Volunteer issues beyond the committee's course of operation, and will collaborate with colleagues and staff as referrals are deemed necessary to enhance the wellbeing of Volunteers.