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Thai Youth Theatre

Thai Youth Theatre is looking to take a new shape for future festivals. A few possibilities are school wide or regional festivals where volunteers may collaborate with other volunteers or an engaged counterpart to bring the project to their schools. If interested in being a part of the TYT Project’s new formation, please contact

Environment Curriculum

There is a current world wide environmental crisis and Morgan is looking to make a difference in any way she can. Find out more about her work and the potential for a PCThailand Environment Committee by emailing Morgan directly at


Critical Thinking/English Curriculum

Volunteers Larissa and Gabe are developing a multidisciplinary curriculum for English and Critical Thinking that includes video, assessment materials and project ideas. If interested in being a part of Gabe and Larissa’s project, please contact

Creative Committee

Halli Benson 130

- Administration/Outreach

Morgan Kubishak 130

- Environment Curriculum

Larissa Delgado 130

- Critical Thinking/English Curriculum Development Project

Gabriel Reid 130

- Critical Thinking/English Curriculum Development Project

Skyler Matthias 130

- TYT Project

Kevin Lentz 131

- Project Management

Alexandra Wright 131

- TYT Project