Third Year Information

Thinking about extending? Here's some information that may be useful.

Important Dates

July 1st - Deadline to inform PM of interest for in 3rd year

October 15: Full 3rd year application package due

Guidelines for Extending Peace Corps Service

The guidance in this document will outline the qualification and application process.

General guidance 3rd year extension assignments:

  • The assignment enhances the Peace Corps and programmatic goals of Thailand
  • Host agency has a demonstrated organizational need and strong commitment to hosting a Volunteer
  • Counterpart and local community leaders are supportive of hosting a Volunteer and willing to provide assistance as needed
  • There is a clearly identified role, sufficient workload and workspace for the Volunteer
  • The site meets safety and security, transportation, medical and housing standards
The Three Types of Extension

Strategies for identifying 3rd year opportunities

Peace Corps Thailand is encouraging extensions for motivated and high performing Volunteers. Through their current assignments, Volunteers are well positioned to identify a niche that builds on their work. While Peace Corps serves at the request of a host agency, a Volunteer may be a catalyst by initiating the conversation and facilitating the application process. Volunteers are encouraged to work with their established contacts and Program Manager in developing their next plan. Some strategies might include:

  • Explore ideas with highly motivated teachers, school principals or PESAO supervisors on how to expand your reach
  • Explore ideas with SAO where there are established Youth Councils that need strengthening
  • Explore ideas with local NGOs who are registered in Thailand developing the capacity of youth
  • Notify your Program Managers of your desire to extend so that Program Managers or other staff can share information about opportunities they may identify

Qualifications Process

All third year applications are approved by TICA. Volunteers must be approved to serve for a third year based on the following:

  • Completed application and clearly defined work
  • Support from the counterpart, community and other host partners (including ministry level partners)
  • Volunteer’s motivation for seeking an extension
  • Previous conduct of the Volunteer including core expectations
  • Medical approval and clear from the Peace Corps Medical Officers
  • Quality of the Volunteer’s service to date

Third Year Extension Application Details

Third Year Extension Application Details

Frequently Asked Questions for extending


Third Year Extension Transition Guidance

The section below provides details on your transition to a third year. Feel free to contact your Program Manager if you have any additional questions.

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Early Termination after Receiving an Extension of Service

Early Termination after Receiving an Extension of Service