Bamboo School BIRD Project

School-Based Integrated Rural Development Project (BIRD)

Khun Mechai Viravaidya, the Population and Community Development Association (PDA), and the Bamboo School are focusing on rural development initiatives to empower the poor and to eradicate poverty. They address the five vital components of development: community empowerment, income generation, health, education, and environmental promotion.

For more information on Khun Mechai, PDA and the Bamboo School, please see

For further information or to request participation in the program, please contact: Khun Mechai Viravaidya at or Khun Isadore Reaud at; 081-918-0579.

The Bamboo School PowerPoint.

Interested in the program? Here's an overview of the program.

PDA Assistance to Peace Corps Volunteer-assisted Communities/Schools (23 Dec 2016)

Janice and Kenneth (128) Timeline

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