Co-teaching is an essential part of a volunteer in the Teacher Collaboration & Community Outreach (TCCO) program. It is often a new concept for both Thai teachers and incoming Peace Corps Trainees. This page describes different co-teaching styles and strategies.

How to Co-Teach

What is Co-Teaching Wiki.pdf

Co-teaching statements in English

Written in English and Thai to help explain the concept of co-teaching.

CoTeaching Statements Eng and Thai.pdf
Co-Teaching Styles
Helpful Suggestions for Thai Teachers of English

Co-Teaching Schedules

1. One school per day

  • Go to one school for two days and go to the other school for two days
  • Pros
    • More time each day for lesson planning
    • Less rushed in the middle of the day. Eat your lunch in peace!
  • Cons
    • You have no clue what happens with your co-teacher and students the other 3 days of the week. Were the lesson plans followed? How were they executed?
    • Hard to establish a sense of consistency.

2. Both schools every day

  • If your two schools are close enough to each other, consider going to both schools every day (one in the morning, the other in the afternoon; you can alternate which school gets the morning slot).
  • Pros
    • A fuller understanding of your classes and their progress.
    • See how all of your lesson plans are implemented.
  • Cons
    • Lunch can feel rushed.
    • The rainy season makes the bike ride a little wet.
    • There's less time to lesson plan each day, but you are at each school more days per week, so it might even itself out.

Co-Teaching Experiences

"My first year I went to my Mathayom school Mon-Tue and my Prathom school Wed-Thur, and Fri was my community day. I felt like I could never keep track of what was going on at the two schools. I left the Mathayom school on Tuesday and didn't return until Monday, at which point I didn't know what my co-teacher did while I was gone. Regrouping and recalling the game plan was an extra effort each Monday. By the end of my first year, I felt like my sporadic presence was hindering more than helping at my school.

"Now in my second year I'm going to both schools every day. I feel much more in the loop, and less time is wasted refreshing on lesson plans that we've already made together. However, I'm only a month into this new schedule, so I'll get back later with a more experienced review of it."

~Scott Hajek 119