Gender and Development

Curriculum and Ready-made weekly activities

Various curriculum and MANY activities if you are looking to regularly integrate the topic of gender equality into your teaching, youth groups, clubs, etc.

1.Check out this one first, as it was made specifically for Thailand! English/Thai langages available:






Sexual Assault Prevention

This is a huge, and unspoken, problem in Thailand (and everywhere else in the world, but we gotta do the work where we are). A way to combat this is to bring this topic out into the open in a safe environment and talk about real facts, figures, situations, and non-violent methods of prevention. This document includes Thai translations of important phrases, in Thai and in transliteration, suggested follow up activities from Friends Tell Friends on the Street and Thai, and a complete materials list.

    • The Encourage Choice, Empower Gender camp was held in Lopburi in October 2012. Attached here is the handbook given to each and every participant. Included are all the lesson plans used during this camp. Subjects include: Healthy Relationships, Gender Empowerment, Sexual Health, and Substance Use. Also included is a schedule and handouts. The entire book is bi-lingual with translations verified by Peace Corps Thailand Staff.
Booklet Thai and English.pdf