Teaching Resources

Right To Play

"We use the power of play to educate and empower children to be the guardians of their own health and active participants in their communities."

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Managing Emotions

  • identify feelings
  • show empathy
  • understand situations
  • refuse provocation

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Developing Healthy Relationships With Others

  • respect others
  • show empathy
  • communicate with others effectively
  • cooperate with others
  • negotiate challenging situations with others

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Appreciating Values of Self and Others

  • respect others
  • appreciate diversity
  • recognize strengths

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Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

  • be responsible
  • set goals and plans
  • seek help
  • act ethically

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Youth as Leaders Facilitator: Download (English Only)

Youth as Leaders Workbook: Download (English Only)

Youth as Leader was designed based on research of what youth leadership programs work and why. Evidence shows the successful youth leadership programs include these three critical factors:

  • youth identify issues that are important to them
  • programs are focused on taking action in communities
  • activities are age-appropriate and youth-focused

Friends tell Friends

"The activities in this manual were developed to meet the need for lifeskills development activities that encompass many different social issues, including general health, HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, family planning and reproductive health, child rights, self-esteem, and drug abuse among others."

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