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What is T4D?

We represent the volunteers who work behind-the-scenes and see little daylight; We are those who spend long hours at the computers making the wiki fabulous; We are those who help you with computer problems; We are those who archive and store anything and everything Peace Corps Thailand

Technology for Development

T4D in Thailand serves as a conduit for knowledge management and information exchange for volunteers, Thai community members and organizations so that ICT can be more effectively utilized in sustainable development. The group's purpose is:

  1. To research, organize, and disseminate accurate, timely and relevant information regarding the nexus between T4D and the development field to Peace Corps Thailand trainees, volunteers and community counterparts.
  2. To help identify training needs and wants and then provide training to Peace Corps Thailand trainees, volunteers and community partners.
  3. To strengthen the T4D capacity of Thai organizations and community members in order to leverage their development work with innovative best practices.
  4. The T4D is also responsible for the maintenance of the Wiki for Peace Corps Thailand.

Current Projects

  1. We are currently upgrading the Peace Corps Thailand Volunteer Wiki; making it more user-friendly and accessible to all volunteers
  2. We perform weekly maintenance on the wiki
  3. Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week.
  4. Assist Voulnteers in STEM and technology based camps and projects.

Want to Contribute?

We encourage any and all volunteers to contribute to the Wiki! Any and all information you wish to share will be greatly appreciated!


This website is maintained by the Technology for Development (T4D) Committee and they can be reached at if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or corrections for this website.

We also follow everything that is said in the Facebook group (for example, Group 128-129 or Group 130), so if you have questions or comments, you can make them there too, especially if you want it to be more of a discussion.

If you want to contact any member of the T4D committee directly, you can find out who we are on our T4D Committee page.

T4D By-Laws