PCV Committees

GenEq: Gender Equality Initiative

  • GenEq is an umbrella term that encompasses Peace Corps Thailand's commitment to gender equality and the many activities that PCVs undertake to move closer towards real equality which includes GAD, GLOW/BROS, & SRH.

GAD: Gender and Development

  • GAD is a committee aimed at promoting Gender and Development work in Thailand. GAD helps educate other volunteers, compile and distribute resources, and provide support for gender-related projects.

GLOW/BROS: Girls Leading Our World/Boys Respecting Others & Self

  • GLOW camps promote gender equality and empower young women. GLOW camps create a safe and supportive environment for learning, cultural exchange, individuality, creativity, leadership development, and fun.

SRH: Sexual Reproductive Health

  • SRH committee works on issues ranging from puberty to family planning to STIs. Our hope is to more fully address the needs of youth and sexual reproductive health in Thailand.

Have You Eaten Yet Project: HYEY?

  • Have You Eaten Yet? is a Volunteer subcommittee for the Peace Corps Thailand Magazine. The podcast aims to share, inform, and educate. This podcast examines different aspects of Thai culture and what it is like to be a Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand.

PSDN: Peer Support Diversity Network

  • The Peer Support Diversity Network is an informal and confidential support system to help Volunteers address their personal, professional, and logistical needs while serving in Thailand.

PRC: Project Review Committee

  • Project Review Committee (PRC) serves volunteers by providing guidance and support through the grant application process and by hosting an annual training event for volunteers and their counterparts. This training, Project Design Management (PDM), trains volunteers and their counterparts through every stage of a project from identifying a problem through designing a solution to applying for a grant and evaluating results. PRC is volunteers' peer level support for outside funding sources. The committee helps volunteers find funding sources, provides background resources, and helps revise and review grant proposals. PRC has three members from each cohort.

Peace Corps Thailand Magazine: Sticky Rice

  • Sticky Rice is an online magazine published by Peace Corps Volunteers in Thailand. It contains feature articles, recipes for food and home products, educational games, humor columns, travel tips, a regular column addressing health care, technical advice and articles from PCVs in other countries and RPCVs.

T4D: Technology for Development

  • The Peace Corps’ T4D Group in Thailand serves as a conduit for knowledge management and information exchange for Volunteers, Thai community members and organizations so that Technology can be more effectively utilized in sustainable development.

TYT: Thai Youth Theater

  • The Thai Youth Theatre Project (TYT Project) is committed to furthering the art of theatre throughout Thailand in order to encourage confidence and creativity among Thai students. TYT Project promotes youth leadership and greater opportunities for youth to collaborate with peers and community members.

VAC: Volunteer Advisory Committee

  • The Volunteer Advisory Committee is a vehicle for communication between PC Thailand Volunteers and Staff. As the group's by-laws state, "the committee is intended as a forum for discussions regarding the good of the community of Volunteers as a whole."

V2: Volunteerism Committee

  • The V2 Volunteerism Committee objective is to motivate and support volunteers to integrate volunteerism into their community development work.