IRC Resources

There are several, useful texts in the PC Thailand IRC for teaching about environmental education and nature. These texts are being scanned and uploaded to PDF format so that all PCVs have access to them all the time. Texts are uploaded by chapter, with a specific code name to identify the text. Scroll down to read more about each text. Currently, the following texts are available:

Bottle Biology

Code: BB

Summary: An idea book for exploring the world through soda bottles and other recyclable materials. Learn how to explore science and the environment with soda bottles and other recyclable materials. Model a rainforest, create a spider habitat, observe the lifecycle of a slime mold, explore an ecosystem, make Korean kimchee. Pursue these and other scientific investigations with over 20 bottle constructions. Each chapter contains background information, activities, and teaching tips.

BB01: Text front matter and Chapter 1

BB02: Chapter 2, Decomposition Column

BB03: Chapter 3, Kimchee

BB04: Chapter 4, Soil Meditations

BB05: Chapter 5, Predator-Prey Column

BB06: Chapter 6, TerrAqua Column

BB07: Chapter 7, Ecocolumn

BB08: Chapter 8, Science in a Film Can

BB09: Chapter 9, Gardening Systems

BB10: Chapter 10, Bottle Instruments and Devices


Code: EW

Summary: Earthways is filled with hands-on nature crafts and seasonal activities to enhance environmental awareness. Although some activities are a bit euro-centric (several activities on bread and apple recipes), this text has many activities that can be incorporated into the Thai classroom. Children play with the elements and develop a respect for nature, for the earth, and for all living creatures. They experience the awe and wonder of the world around them.

Seasonal suggestions for creating a more earth-friendly home and classroom are also included.

EW01: Introduction

EW02: Fall activities

EW03: Winter activities

EW04: Spring activities

EW05: Summer Activities