Business based Projects

Business Skills Training

Business skills training focusing on group administration, networking for market expansion and creating and maintaining a business plan

Action Plan

If you are interested in facilitating a Business Skills Training at your site:

  1. Seek out your income generation groups.
  2. Ask your income generation groups if they would like to learn any new skills (use your appreciative inquiry skills).
  3. Talk to your Community Development Officer or other SAO staff to see if they would be interested in helping to organize a training at your site.

Business Skills Resources

Handcrafts Marketing

An online marketplace geared toward small/medium artisan entrepreneurs.

Marketing and product differentiation for artisans

Association of fair trade retailers, producers, and wholesalers

Income Generation/Micro-Enterprise Development

Handbook on Small Enterprises for Hill Tribe People in Thailand. A complete guide for starting a small enterprise in rural areas. Created by the Credit Union League of Thailand and the UN Food and Agricultural Organization

Micro-Credit Resources

Virtual Library on Micro-Credit. A website that has vast online resources regarding micro-credit

Vitural Library's Thailand Page. Specific micro-credit information for Thailand


Bamboo Projects - Sustainable community development using bamboo that is aimed towards community members and leaders.

Karen Women's Weaving Market Expansion Project - Help community groups market their goods by following the steps in this project.

OTOP- One Tambon One Product Project is one of the government's policies encouraging Thai communities to make use of Thai wisdom.