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Below are Types of Teacher Trainings that volunteers have had success with in the past. These are listed as most intensive to least intensive

Full Circle English

Full Circle English was a teacher training and support program developed by colaborating volunteers in groups 125, 126, and 127. It included teacher trainings, a teaching clinic, mentoring circles (involving classroom observations and feedback sessions), and a Facebook group for sharing ideas and activities.

This program has 3 main goals:

  1. To provide an opportunity to learn new strategies and activities for teaching English, as well as further develop English and teaching skills
  2. To receive feedback and support from a mentor
  3. To share ideas and best practices with colleagues.

It will consist of the following:

  1. Trainings
  2. Evaluation (classroom observations and feedback sessions)
  3. Support (peer mentoring circles, teaching clinic, social media groups and resource website)

For a less intense version of Full Circle English

Three Peas Teacher Training
Satellite Teaching
Cascade English

Phonics Teacher Training

Conversational English Training

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