Life After PC

You've almost completed "the toughest job you'll ever love." Now what?

Getting home

A recently released app will allow you to skip USA airport custom lines for free. Definitely would be a time-saver on your flight back home. Available for Android and Apple (and only in certain airports).

The Mobile Passport app (info)

Here's some information that may be useful.

Send Stuff Home

The Thai Post Office has an online calculator to figure out how much shipping will cost. Depending on the weight, there are many options. You can use any box, and the cheapest rate is "surface" which may take a few months

Thailand Post Weight Calculator

DOS Tips and Samples


RPCV services

Office of Third Goal and Returned Services

Getting a Job

Join the RPCV Jobs group to connect with RPCV's and hear about interesting jobs

@RPCV Jobs

Maintaining The Thai Language

Online Thai Resources

Offline Resources/Tips

    • Many Wats in the United States offer free language sessions.
    • Add Thai friends to your Facebook or Skype before leaving.
    • Watch Videos - Watch Thai videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and many other video websites.
    • Don't leave Thailand