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Mission Statement

Currently, Thailand is seeing an increase in teen pregnancy and STI rates across the country. Thailand is ranked second in ASEAN for teenage pregnancy, and 15-16 years old is the country’s age group for first sexual experience, compared to 18-19 just ten years ago (World Health Organization, 2015). These reasons, coupled with the current official approaches (or lack thereof) to sex education (for more, Google: OBEC “No condom machines in schools”), have inspired Peace Corps Thailand to expand the HIV/AIDS Committee to include issues ranging from puberty to family planning to STIs. Our hope is to more fully address the needs of youth and sexual reproductive health in Thailand.

Previous to 2015, the Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) committee had been operating as the HIV/AIDS committee here in Thailand. Our prior work has included the annual HIV/AIDS Calendar competition and participating in World AIDS Day activities (handing out condoms at events, etc.). While we would like to continue these activities, we believe that our committee should expand in order meet the rising needs in Thailand.


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