Reference Sets

1. Under the main menu of eWalk, select Reference Set under the Build section.

2. Select the "New" button at the top of the Reference Sets tab

3. Under "New reference set", Type in the name of the New Reference Set, Select the view that has been created under Build > Views, and click on the "Create" button.

4. Under the General Information Tab, there are options to "Save", "Share", or "Preview" your Reference Set that has been created. The Reference Set Name should be the one you created. Now, enter a Reference Set description. Under "View Information", it displays the View, Category, and Template that has been previously created. Click Save to finalize the creation of the Reference Set.

5. Under "Manage Components", in "Available Component(s)", the option is there to Search by ID, Search by Name, View by Type, View by Template. In "Reference Set Component(s)", the option is there to change Component Numbering, Select Page (New, Edit, Delete), change Component Properties (Show, Hide), and change Quick Settings by selecting the property for the current page.

6. Under the Reference Sets tab from Build > Reference Sets; Search functions exist to allow the ability to "Search reference set by name", "Search reference set by view", and "Clear Filters" to clear the field that are you typing. These options will make it easier to find reference sets created if there are multiple reference sets.

7. Secondary features include: Starting from the buttons from Left to Right; Delete reference set, Edit current reference set, Share reference set, and View details such as: Name, Description, View, Owner Name, Last Modification, Last Modified By, and Delete Status.

8. Under Available Component(s), Click on the Example Element name and then click on the Plus [+] sign to add the element

9. Once the menu is open to add the element, choose Category name and Template name. Click the Add button once finished.

10. How to Access the reference set within an eWalk Observation:

Under the element in which was added under "Reference Set Component(s)", Properties are displayed to show the category, template you chose, as well there is the option for a "Range Date" of: "Current School Year" by default, "Current Year", "Current Month", and "Current Week".

11. Under Manage > Views, Click on the Category created and click on the Category Name. In this case, this one is called, "Example Category". If a category is not created, click on "New" and chose Template, Subject, and Category Name.

12. Under Page 1 in the Editing window, click on the "Reference" button.

13. Once this window is open, this will allow you to view Reference Sets within an observation for eWalk. They will be displayed under the heading, "Page 1" and "Reference for (ReferenceName)".