HDESD Section 125 Information

American Fidelity is the vendor for all High Desert ESD Employees. 


*New employees complete and submit a Section 125 enrollment form to the payroll department no later than September 7, 2023.  Returning employees are eligible to make plan changes during open enrollment in November with the American Fidelity Representative when they visit the district. 

Current Plan Year 1/1/23 through 12/31/23  

Open enrollment dates for the 2024 Section 125 plan year will take place late fall 2023. 

Participants may incur medical expenses up to 70 days after the most recent plan year was completed (by 3/10/24).  Participants may incur daycare expenses only during the plan year (by 12/31/23.) 

 All reimbursable claims for Health and daycare expenses must be requested no later than 90 days after the plan year (by 3/30/24.)  This is a "use it or lose it" plan, so be sure to spend the dollars you had withheld from your check in 2023!!

DEPENDENT DAYCARE FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNT MAXIMUM LIMIT:  An employee may contribute a maximum of $5,000 pre-tax to pay for dependent day care services in the calendar year.

 HEALTH FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNT MAXIMUM LIMIT:  The maximum allowed by law to contribute pre-tax into this account is $3,050 for 2023. 

ENROLL in your Section 125:

Contact your school secretary to schedule a time to meet with the American Fidelity Representative when he comes to your building. 

GET REIMBURSED from your Section 125:

Secured Online Service Center - Create an account 

American Fidelity Mobile app instructions  (compatible with iPhone & iPad)

Medical Flex Reimbursement form 

Dependent Day Care reimbursement form

Direct Deposit authorization form

What expenses are eligible for Section 125 Reimbursement?

Important Facts to Consider:

1. If you purchased a high deductible health plan (Moda Plan 6 or 7) and have opened a Health Savings Account through American Fidelity or other financial institution, -you may NOT also use a Section 125 account for Medical Expense reimbursement.  Click here to read more about H.S.A.'s.

2. You "use it" or "lose it". All funds deducted from your paycheck for this plan year must be used during this plan year or the funds are forfeited.

3. Keep copies of all receipts and claims.

4. Dependent care must be provided by someone who is reporting his or her income. Payment to an individual who may be claimed by the employee as an exemption for federal tax purposes is not an eligible expense.   You may continue "Dependent Daycare Deductions" if you use a Health Savings Account (H.S.A.) for your medical expense reimbursement. 

5. You must re-enroll each year to participate.


Email or call 541-693-5606 with questions

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