AUGUST 5, 2014 1:00 - 3:00 PM


An insurance workshop will be held at CCHS this summer for one afternoon only, to give you ideas on how you can save money when selecting your insurance plans for next school year. Your attendance is not required, however we encourage you to attend to find answers to the following questions:

1. I heard the cost to buy insurance is going up this year, what are some things I can do to reduce the amount of money deducted from my paycheck? (Learn how you could possibly save $100 or more each month!)

2. If I change to a less expensive insurance plan, am I giving up any coverage for my family? (Learn the most expensive plan doesn’t necessarily provide better coverage than most of the other plans!)

3. What do I need to know about double coverage when my spouse is an employee of another district? (Learn how Moda deductibles are met simultaneously and why the H.S.A. compatible health plan is especially attractive!)

4. What is a Health Savings Account? Is it really my own account that I can take with me when I leave the district? (Yes, the H.S.A. is yours! Learn there are no deadlines when your H.S.A. money must be spent, so it may be saved from year to year and even invested)

5. How can I receive a district contribution each month into my Health Savings Account? (Learn what medical insurance plan will allow you to have a Health Savings Account.)

6. How can I use the tax free money in my Health Savings Account or Section 125 Account to pay my medical bills? (Learn the difference between a H.S.A. and a Section 125 account, and take note you may not have both.)

All Crook County School District Staff who are eligible for insurance benefits will be required to enroll (or decline coverage) online during the OEBB open enrollment period beginning August 15, 2014 and ending September 10, 2014. More information regarding open enrollment will be sent to you this summer, so PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL ROUTINELY for updates that will affect your benefits!