Latvian coordinator'sword

Utopia! Sounds like something unbelievable, mysterious, doesn't it? But let's imagine just for some seconds, that everyone of us is making just one right step towards dream about ideal society where everybody tolerates and respects others, where heplpfulness and generosity really matters, where we live in harmony with nature and ourselves. Someone will probably say- mission is impossible, but we strongly believe that everything is in our hands and that is the reason why we- students from France. Czechia, Italy, Greece, Poland, Turkey, Romania and Latvia are together in project YoUtopia which means You+Youth+Utopia- mission is possible.


The project “YoUtopia: towards participative citizenship” brings together students and teachers from 8 different European countries to promote the active citizenship concept discovering, analyzing, comparing topical dimensions of society such as gender discrimination, generation gap, the role of old people in society immigrants and ethnicity, rights of people with special needs, appearance based discrimination, inappropriate evaluation of our historical past and need in sustainable attitude to environment taking into account the cultural diversity of every country.

The overarching aim of the project is creation of virtual model - a perfect utopian world “YoUtopia” (you+youth+utopia), where pupils are active and integrated part of society. Project aims to achieve better understanding between different generations as well as to promote such European values as tolerance, gender equality, freedom of individuals, sustainable attitude towards environment and solidarity.